On Track with SWAT and Harsco


Video Productions


Let‘s Go to Work — new
Drive.Desire.Determination. — new
SPICE — new
Look to Your Future
Developed for high school students with disabilities to show what services are available to them from the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department.
SCVRD Evaluation Center
New and prospective clients gain insight into what they will accomplish while at VR‘s Evaluation Center.
Acadian Sail — work-in-progress
This production is notable in that it was organized in less than 24 hours, and that all interviews and footage was shot by one person who spent a month at sea documenting a tall ship voyage commemorating the 400th anniversary of the first Acadians sailing from France to Nova Scotia. Shot in France, The Azores, Nova Scotia and on the Atlantic Ocean.
Promotional to advertise and generate excitement for the SERID conference. As only the conference theme had been chosen when the video was developed, emphasis was placed on highlighting the conference location, since many attendees would come from out of state.
On Track with SWAT and Harsco
Highlights a program for training and hiring people with disabilities and shows how the preconceptions many people have toward those with disabilities change when they see how productive, talented and capable those individuals are.
High School/High Tech PSA
A public service announcement to generate interest in the High School/High Tech program. This PSA aired for over a year throughout South Carolina, and regions of North Carolina and Georgia.

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